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Writing the Time...
By Agnes Ann Nogal

Inky implement lays by the paper,
Ready and willing..
The paper speaks.. it wants a memory.
Shakily, the ink tool is lifted..
A shudder runs through..
Power is yielded to the lithe barrel.
Too much to say.. where to begin..

A spot chosen..
Words flow forth in an explosion,
Flying between the times,
Between the memories,
Between the past and the future.
A moment is stilled to be seen.
Too quickly gone and lost.
Something from deep within

Requests to have a word..
Yet, words are too limiting for expression.
The paper transforms.
Not a page with words in a story..
A scene from the memory of the spirit..
A glimpse into what was..
A glimpse into what will be..
A glimpse into what is now.