Patterns Change

so do we.

Current Projects

Possibly Not Spam (
Its a blog basically, but it occasionally contains intriguing stuff, and occasionally contains complete garbage. Either way it contains stuff.

Old Projects

Libri Omni (not open yet)
Libri Omni is yet another attempt at an online shared library setup. It seems to be working better this time, and I'm confident that it will actually get finished (finally).

Wiki (
The wiki is a user-edited space, a web of interconnected pages that anyone can edit or add to. Commonly used for encyclopedias on the web, I guess this could be considered an ever-expanding encyclopedia of my life. This is actually the second wiki to appear under the evilmag domain, the first was lost over the summer of 2003, but didn't have much content on it. It was originally started as a dictionary for the words we made up while talking in the school cafeteria.

Older Projects

Poetry/Story Site (
For almost its entire life, this was all there was to, so it has no real other name. A small collection of stories, poems and art by myself and selected friends. It stayed online in its final incarnation for over a year completely un-edited, and I've chosen to leave it that way for the remainder of its time on the web. A part of history and a part of google's web. It never quite got the attention I hoped, and I never really finished it, but it is a recurring idea of mine that may get picked up again in the future.

New Design of Above Site (
This design never actually saw the main page of the site, and is only one page. It was created by Muff and dracoling over the summer of 2002, working late at the office because they lived in completely opposite directions but wanted to hang out.

Splash Screen (
A splash screen made about three weeks before "newdesign" by dracoling, using Blender, GIMP and some inspiration from the dollar store. Also never really went live.

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